Wild Ass Woman Workshop

Erin has a way of making everyone feel welcome and respected in her groups. I’ve participated in a couple of her offerings and will always go back. I know that no matter the topic I will be led on some kind of journey/experience that will continue to reverberate even after we say good-bye. The WAW workshop helped me to see the many ways I derive pleasure from my daily life while putting me in touch with some of the ways that I avoid it. Erin’s facilitation created a safe space that allowed me to see these things without judgment. I always learn at least one new thing about myself from her workshops and that self-knowledge is powerful. Erin is fun, incredibly skilled and knowledgable, direct and clear in her approach, and above all she cares deeply for the group and the sanctity of the work

                                                                                              -Hillary (Somatic Psychotherapist)

Reiki Training

I am a “Natural-Born” Healer and have been unknowingly performing Reiki for years.  One of the major challenges I faced was my inability to separate myself from my clients, and I would often find myself carrying their energy with me after our sessions were complete.  At times it became overwhelming and I would experience moments where I would shut down or become emotionally unavailable to those around me.  As a healer, I can’t help those around me if I am not functioning myself.  My husband and I were also in the process of house-hunting and things in our house were very strained and unhealthy, even for the dogs.

When Erin Anderson began talking to me about taking her Reiki class I was more than intrigued; the class was calling to me.  I can safely say that in my life I have had few experiences as affirming and powerful as my Reiki Level 1 training.  Under the guidance of Erin I learned how to separate myself from my clients and it has given me the confidence and strength to be able to heal those who need it in a manner which I am very comfortable doing.  In fact I get energized when I practice Reiki and I look forward to my sessions no matter how long they are.  Erin provides an incredibly safe space for women and men to interact with one another without feeling threatened or uncomfortable and I would like to point out her thorough method of making sure that you (as the practitioner) are respectful of your client’s boundaries, and vice-versa.  She also taught the value of self-care, and it has made a great impact on my home-life.  Things are not as stressful and the family is in a much better space than before the class.

I am beyond thrilled that I received my Level 1 Certification from Erin.  I plan to continue all the way to my Master Certification and wish to make Reiki a part of my daily life and income.  It is a truly beautiful tool and I am honored that I have received my first Attunement.  I cannot speak highly enough of Erin and her trainings.  If you are at all interested in Reiki, I highly recommend this class!

                                                                                                   - Kyle (Manager/Performer)

Awakening Artemis - Program

The Awakening Artemis program provided me with a safe, loving, and calm environment to gather and redirect my energy away from the overwhelming stresses of work and the everyday routine.  Through healing breath, conversation, dance, and movement, (and the indulging in chocolate!) we learned to fully engage our senses and tap into a deeper consciousness. It provided me with the tools I needed to better approach and navigate the difficult situations that were going on in my life: both intrapersonal and interpersonal.  Throughout the course of the program I started to become more patient with myself and more present in my own life.  I gained valuable insight and honesty from the new friendships I created, which I truly feel will endure long after the program has ended.  I am grateful to both Erin for creating such a wonderful opportunity for women to gather and to myself for being brave enough to try something new.  Erin is very passionate about the work she does and it shows in her engagement with the group.  Whether you are seeking a stronger sense of self purpose and connection or healing from a traumatic life event, I highly recommend this program.

                                                                                            -Ayla (Professional Dancer)

To me, the Awakening Artemis program was my weekly mind, body, and spirit check-in, and it was so needed. Without going through the program, I never would have known how much I needed this safe space for exploring my feelings and how they relate to my body.  I found that as the program progressed each week, I felt more of a need to sink deeper in my journey. Different than a dance class, the Awakening Artemis program is a safe space and time to let my mind and body think and move however much or little they want.

                                                                                            -Jeanne (Physician's Assistant)

Awakening Artemis - Fourth Friday Drop in Workshop

The experience allowed me to get outside myself and explore the way my mind and body relate to each other without self consciousness or worry of being judged. I felt very safe and appreciated.

                                                                                           -Jeanne (Physician's Assistant)                     

The Awakening Artemis workshop was a wonderful experience. Rather than focus on learning something new, this workshop felt like allowing something already inside of me to be expressed. The mixture of movement, visual arts, food, music, and the company of amazing women was a catalyst to explore myself, my experiences, and my community. We have so much that is rich and wonderful inside us and Erin's workshops provide tools, ideas, and an invitation to explore, play, and release. The point was not for her to teach and us to learn but rather she guides us to find the teacher and student within ourselves.

                                                                                            -Anna (Engineer)

Awakening Artemis was all about understanding yourself and conveying your thoughts to other women. I learned a lot about movement and expression in these workshops. The best part of Awakening Artemis was that no dance experience was necessary and it was a very open environment in which you could dance or move your body in whatever way you wanted. Additionally, Erin Anderson is undoubtedly one of the most outstanding and inspiring women on the planet! She brings a unique energy to everything she does and her insight is unlike anybody's I have ever known. Anybody would be lucky to move with her. To this day, I still feel a special connection with all of the women who did this workshop with me.                                                                                                                         

                                                                                            -Eada  (High School Senior)

Awakening Artemis has been instrumental in helping me reconnect with my body and be present within my body. It has made me aware of the emotional tension I hold and has given me a safe space to release that tension. The sessions are conducted slightly differently each time and it provides new tools for self awareness, discovery, and support.

                                                                                             -Jennifer (Graduate Student)

Adult Dance Class

Erin is a vivacious and joyful dance teacher. Her background in African dance and emphasis on experiencing movement makes her dance classes and workshops ooey gooey and oh so wonderful! I have so much fun dancing with Erin and releasing the rest of my day so that I start smiling before I know it. I don't know what I would do without Erin's dance classes.

                                                                                             -Anna (Engineer)


Erin was able to help me relax and move beyond the stresses of my life.

                                                                                              -Daniel (Doctor)

Erin is a truly gifted massage therapist and healer. I have had bodywork done with many different therapists over the years and Erin's kind spirit and intuitive energy create a uniquely healing environment. She takes the time to learn about my needs and goals, physical, mental, and spiritual. As someone who carries stress in my body, I am incredibly grateful for Erin's healing touch and soothing guidance. She has taught me many stretches and strategies to prevent future and reduce existing pain so I can be an active participant in my health and wellness.

                                                                                                -Anna (Engineer)

Having had bodywork numerous times over the years, it's refreshing to find someone who is as knowledgeable about the body and its interconnecting systems as Erin Anderson is. It is very evident she takes her work seriously, I can't see myself ever going to anyone else.

                                                                                                -Jeremy (Auto Consultant)

I had the distinct privilege of receiving a prenatal massage from Erin. She created a calm, soothing atmosphere in which I felt completely at ease, which was important to me as someone who doesn't typically feel comfortable in a massage setting. She always informed me of what she was going to do next, and checked in with me to ensure I continued to feel comfortable with what she was doing, adjusting the pressure of her touch accordingly. Erin instinctively incorporated rose oil into the massage, which was calming and lovely. When I told her I was struggling with hip pain related to pregnancy, she was able to firmly yet with gentle pressure work on that area, giving me much-needed relief. My favorite part of the massage was at the end when she very gently massaged my belly, making my baby kick with delight. Erin is not only a professional, she is a caring therapist who seeks to create an experience guided by the client that leaves them feeling refreshed and renewed, both physically and mentally.

                                                                                               -Lexie (Special Education Teacher)

Erin restores and even inspires an ease and enjoyment of life.

                                                                                               -Camille (Librarian and mother to three)