Life in Motion Life is Movement

Would you like a way to express yourself more freely and without judgment?

We already express ourselves without even trying. Our life is a dance! Since so much of our communication is non-verbal, this is a way to become more aware and more comfortable in your body and life.

Dance/Movement Therapy can be used for a variety of reasons.  Some people are seeking more confidence, while others are looking to reduce their social anxiety and become more empowered and fully expressed as an individual. This is a body-based way to play with any areas where you feel stuck in your life and discover new ways to overcome these obstacles so you can finally be free.

Every session is different depending on what you need. For example, in one session we may sit together while I guide you into the subtleties of your body's sensations, and in the next session we might explore any unresolved anger through expansive movements and dance. Don’t be afraid of the word dance, every movement in life is truly a dance, so you're already a dancer! 

This is a great compliment to traditional talk therapy, or can be used as a stand-alone therapeutic opportunity.

Honor your life's transitions with an individual or group session.
Gift certificates are available.

We can customize sessions to individuals (both adults and children), or a specific kind of group. For example, we can provide therapeutic groups for children who experience a lack of focus, teenage girls who want a more positive self-image, or adults who want to have a space to relax and reconnect to themselves.

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