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Reiki Certification Training

Reiki I - First Degree Reiki Certification - Whether you are a professional seeking additional training or wish to awaken the healer within, please join us! This training is ideal for professionals, parents, partners, caregivers, and friends seeking to expand the ability to love, heal, and navigate the stress and challenges at home and work. Participants will receive a certification in Reiki I and the opportunity to continue with additional levels of training. 


  • The history of Reiki as well as current research on energy work

  • Chakras and basic Reiki principles

  • A Reiki self-treatment

  • New guided meditations

  • Reiki application in your everyday life


  • A Reiki treatment demonstration


  • A hands on Reiki treatment by a Reiki master

  • Guided meditations

  • A chakra cleanse and Reiki attunement

Ages 13+
Tuition: $225 + textbook $20 purchased in class

Saturday, July 27, 2-6 pm & Friday, August 9, 5-9 pm

" my life I have had few experiences as affirming and powerful as my Reiki Level 1 training." - Kyle K.

Reiki II - Second Degree Reiki Certification - Pre-requisite: Reiki I. Continue your journey with this next level of training.  This class is ideal for the person who fell in love with Reiki I and wants to deepen their knowledge and expand their skillset. Participants will receive a certification in Reiki II and have the opportunity to continue with additional levels of training.

This certification includes:

  • Learn New Symbols

  • Distance Healing

  • Increase Your Intuition

  • Balance Relationships and Learn to cut unhealthy cords

  • New Guided Meditations

  • 21- day Chakra cleanse and Reiki Attunement

  • Receive pendulum and instruction on its many uses

Pre-requisite: Reiki I certification

Ages 13+
Tuition: $275 + textbook $20 purchased in class

Saturday, August 10 & August 31, 10-2 pm

Reiki III - Inner Master Third Degree Certification - This third degree Reiki training and certification is integrative. Second degree Reiki can shake up the initiate’s energies as the vibration continues to rise. The master attunement will balance and steady the bodies of the student while revealing the true gifts one could have hidden in the past. We all have spiritual gifts and in the sacred space of the Reiki attunement and Reiki master course you will open to your spiritual awareness and become awakened of the kind of mastery you have always held which will now be unlocked. This Reiki class will uncover the type of personal psychic abilities held in this form of healing therapy and how they are reflected in your everyday life. The fun comes watching it unfold without expectations, for your spiritual growth can not be controlled, directed and most of all, denied. In this course you will experience:

  • A review of the symbols and the introduction of new, non-traditional symbols

  • Learn Nine Master Symbols from various lineages

  • Numerous ways to apply the master symbol

  • Non-traditional symbols are given, for balance and harmony and one for grounding

  • Process to assist beings who have passed to the next dimension

  • A deeper understanding of how healing light works on numerous levels

  • Crystal Energy Transfer Grid: A focus for your guides to increase your personal master energy on a continual basis. Also may be used to give healing to another, 24 hours a day

  • Energetic Release, a process which gives an issue form and then clears it

  • Brings the recipient under the umbrella of your Reiki master energy

  • Clearly allows the recipient to visualize and process the current disturbance

  • Meditation practices and techniques using Reiki symbols

  • Advanced understanding of chakras

  • Sensing and seeing auras

  • Understanding the connection of Reiki to Buddhism

Through lively discussion and practice you will step more fully into your path as a Reiki Master practitioner!

Pre-requisite: Reiki I & II certification

Tuition: $350 + textbook $20 purchased in class

Community Growth and Healing Workshops

Women's Self Defense -  Feel your power through learning basic techniques in Pankration, Muay Thai, and Military Self Defense! Practice in a safe and supportive environment. In this Workshop style class we will begin and end with meditation to practice grounding, clearing and expanding our energy to prepare and integrate learning.

No prior experience necessary. Any motivation is the right reason. This is an incredible experience.
Ages 13+. Women identified.

Classes are offered on a monthly but irregular basis.
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NEW OFFERING! Summer Moon Intensive - Do you set unattainable summer goals? Is it hard to relate to people in exercise settings? Wouldn’t it be great to go to a class that not only moves your body, but tackles issues within your mind as well? A class that brought you peace, energy, and a good night’s sleep to boot. Reintroduce some fun into your life, and get to know people in a new way, maybe even including yourself!

What would happen if you followed the lunar cycle for one month? What does this cycle have to teach us, and in what new ways does it allow us to explore and learn about ourselves? Please join us for this special summer intensive through the month of July as we follow the path of the Full Buck Moon with weekly dance movement therapy gatherings. By participating, you're not only committing to following the lunar cycle, but committing to a month of movement for yourself. While we would love for you to join us each week, the option to participate in only one event, or a select few, is absolutely available. This first-time ever summer event will include the following evenings:

Quarter Moon: Wednesday, August 7th, 7pm - 8:30pm

On Your Own!!!

Last Quarter Moon: Friday, August 23rd, 6:30pm - 8:30pm (Monthly Awakening Artemis!)

New Moon: Friday, August 30th, 7pm - 8:30pm

Open to All, Ages 13+
Registration required - Please pay by 24 hours in advance of the session

New Moon Movement Groups are a DANCE/MOVEMENT THERAPY EXPERIENCE! - These classes will provide you with a new experience of yourself and others. Let’s experience Communitas together. Using the principles of DMT, we will check in and explore themes. For 90 minutes we will try things differently than you may be used to. This is for you if you are interested in having a living laboratory to move through your life more honestly and openly.

Open to All, Ages 13+
Part of monthly moon intensive.
Registration required - Please pay by 24 hours in advance of the session $25

Awakening Artemis - Drop in Workshop- Every Fourth Friday come out to explore the power of self-discovery through creativity, movement and community. Artemis was the Ancient Greek goddess of the hunt whose focus was on healing and protection. As a symbol of female strength and independence, she was responsible for the initiation of young girls into womanhood and was a protector over women during childbirth. Awakening Artemis is about being inspired by her story, allowing her vitality and fearlessness to enliven and empower you!

Women-identified only, Ages 13+
Friday, June 28th, 6:30-8:30 pm

Open Dialogue About Sexuality - Let's Talk about Sex: Part IV - a real conversation about sexuality, where you've come from and where you're going.

A lot of sexuality conversations are geared toward who you love. We want to focus on your own relationship with sex, not who you are having sex with. Or maybe you are not having sex at all and wonder why.

This is a multi-generational conversation for women of all ages - from teens to elders. This conversation began with an outpouring of responses from women who were reflecting on their adolescence and what they wished they had. This is a conversation for you if you have never had an open, safe space to share about sexuality and are curious to learn more about yourself by listening to others reflect on their experiences.

This is also for you if you associate sex with shame, judgement or other negative emotions. This will be a safe space to feel heard and ask questions. You will gain varying perspectives on a variety of issues and have the potential to access new parts of yourself.

Connect with women in your community ages 13 +

Welcoming Grief Through Ritual - Join us in a community ritual centered on acknowledging the losses and the grief we experienced this past season as well as throughout our lives. Through ritual we will create communitas - the state of healing and being when we undergo transformation together. 

Communal grieving offers something that we cannot get when we grieve by ourselves. Through validation, acknowledgement and witnessing, communal grieving allows us to experience a level of healing that is deeply and profoundly freeing. Each of us has a basic human right to that genuine love, happiness and freedom.

From Embracing Grief, Sobonfu Some

Full Moon Dance Party - Let's release everything that has built up inside! Plan on a sweaty, earthy good time shaking your booty and getting into your body! On the full moon, Erin will lead you through a movement class that moves your pelvis, opens your heart and soul, and plugs you into something deeper inside yourself. Chocolate provided.
Women-identified only

Reiki Healing Share - Come to give and receive love and energy work. Our circle is for practitioners or those who are curious to learn about and experience Reiki. Perfect for a new student to practice or for a novice who has just heard of Reiki!

Come by yourself or bring a friend or two. This event will be casual so wear comfy clothes. Please bring your own snack to share at the end of the evening. There will also be a donation box for a local community organization. Last time we donated to Judi's House.

This circle will serve as a touchpoint for ongoing contact and support.

All ages, Women & Men
Free 6:30-8:30 pm * Donations are accepted and given to a non-profit organization

Awakening Artemis Empowerment Program  -  Come experience Dance/Movement Therapy with an amazing group of women! The group will be led through low-risk movement and mindfulness practices as well as discussion and sharing. Each week will have a different theme and will culminate in a full moon celebration. 

You can join us at Three Levels

  • Level 1 - $499 (valued at $1105) - includes all Wed groups as well as Fourth Friday AA for September and October

  • Level 2 - $749 (valued at $1495) - includes the above as well as 3 hours of 1:1 sessions*

  • Level 3 - $999 (valued at $1885) - includes the above as well as 3 additional hours of 1:1 sessions* to make 6 hours total.

                                                                                                                * 1:1 sessions can be divided up in 60/90/120 minute intervals

Wild Ass Women Workshop to Reclaim the UnTamed - Reacquaint yourself with the unbridled and untamed energy of your primal power and vitality! Join us for this unique workshop where you will:

  • Identify and reclaim parts of yourself that have been lost in childhood, adolescence and adulthood

  • Participate in a lively discussion about what it means to be female

  • Learn secrets of your female sexuality

  • Honor and celebrate the female body through movement and ritual

  • Create a ritual dance to connect to your sense of the Divine Feminine

After completing the Wild Ass Woman Workshop you will:

  • Feel more free to express yourself through words and movement

  • Identify and acknowledge energy blocks as they relate to sexuality

  • Reconnect with pleasure, sexual vitality and power

  • Integrate your body and spirit

  • Bring forth your Inner Goddess

  • Create a community of other women who want to live like Wild Ass Women!

Ages 18+ 

Certified High Performance Coaching™

A Holistic Approach to Becoming Extraordinary

Together we will explore: 

  • How the world’s most  accomplished and influential people THINK

  • Why you’ve been so exhausted (and what to do about it immediately)

  • Why most people FAIL at managing their time and day

  • The #1 secret you MUST follow to have more INFLUENCE with people

  • How to define your purpose, get rid of distraction, and FINALLY gain momentum in life