Bodywork is a combination of therapeutic techniques that focus on the body for optimum personal health and wellness. People seek out body work with me for a variety of reasons.  I use massage, relaxation techniques, breath work, or energy medicine to enhance and promote your body-mind connection.


Types of Bodywork

Therapeutic Massage

When receiving therapeutic massage, you will experience a combination of muscular manipulation and connective tissue work to enhance your body's functionality and promote relaxation and well-being.

Structural Integration

Structural integration therapy is a transformational form of bodywork that occurs through repositioning tissues and realigning the body. The purpose is to support your body’s alignment, which can get out of balance due to the impact of gravity, injury, repetitive motion, and unprocessed emotion. Typically this work is done through a progression of 10 sessions, because unwinding the holding patterns stored in the body can take time and commitment. However, I customize your treatment plan based on your needs. These sessions integrate active and passive movement retraining and body awareness.


Reiki is a form of energy medicine that focuses on healing through activating natural healing processes in the body. I activate your energy centers by using gentle touch on or off the body while you are clothed. These energy centers are also referred to as chakras. Many people report after working with me that they experience deep relaxation throughout the day, less stress, better sleep, and a deeper connection to oneself. I also offer a Reiki certification if you are interested in studying this modality. 

Pre-Natal Massage

I work with mothers-to-be in their second and third trimesters using pre-natal massage. This modality will help you relax,  prepare you for child birth by connecting you to your body and your breath, and ultimately help you get relief from the tension that comes along with the changes that are happening to your body.

Thai Body Therapy with certified therapist, Celia DeVoe 

As an essential part of Thailand's Medical Model, Thai Body Therapy is a healing art that promotes internal stimulation, connectivity and release. Using acupressure, compression, joint mobilization and stretching, this form of body work has a range of positive effects including increased energy, a new sensation of vitality, energetic balance, physical longevity, decreased physical, emotional and mental stress as well as overall increased systemic health. 

Unlike more common forms of massage, a Thai Body Therapy session is typically at least 90minutes. The client remains fully clothed (ideally wearing long sleeves and pants) and lies on a comfortable mat on the ground. The practitioner uses not only their hands, but their elbows, forearms, and feet to provide a wide range of therapeutic touch and pressure. 

If you ever experience chronic pain, stiffness, overwhelming stress, or inconsistent energy, your mind and body will be grateful to experience Thai Body Therapy. 

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Celia DeVoe is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Registered Dance/Movement Therapist, Gyrotonic Instructor and Reiki Practitioner. Celia studied Thai Body Therapy Levels 1 and 2 at the Thai Healing Arts Training and Therapy Center in Westminster, CO. She believes deeply in the healing capabilities that occur through movement, touch, breath and connection. 

Dance/Movement Therapy

Psychotherapy in Motion. If you are looking for guidance through areas of your life, using your body is a powerful way to find your clarity, inner strength , and ultimately, your healing. What does your body have to say about your life? Let's look at the mind/body dance and see what we find.