Through creative, soulful exploration,
Communitas invites you to listen deeply to your own truth.

We carry our life's experiences and challenges in our bodies. Sometimes our bodies communicate physically, 
asking us to pay more attention.

We don't always know how to listen or respond...

We can move through and release the pain, tension, and discomfort that arises from avoidance and fear.

Communitas offers a variety of ways to begin moving such as dance/movement therapy or healing bodywork - in a group or one on one.

However you choose to explore the connection between mind, body and spirit, you will begin to connect with yourself and others in new and satisfying ways.

Communitas is a safe space for people to heal and connect.

Whether working individually or customizing your own group experience, Communitas supports community and creates the state of being together.
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Erin Anderson

Erin is a licensed professional counselor and board certified Dance/Movement Therapist. With a masters degree in Somatic Counseling/Psychology and Dance/Movement Therapy, Erin worked as a dance/movement therapist at Children's Hospital Colorado, facilitating group and individual therapy for children and adolescents for close to a decade. When not providing therapeutic experiences for groups and individuals at Communitas, she teaches dance classes to adults and performs regularly as a company member of Bella Diva Dance. Erin studied dance formally in college, and created her own major integrating how dance communicates culture. She has been studying, teaching and choreographing dance ever since. Erin has studied dance and culture in several countries - Rwanda, South Africa, Kenya, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Russia and Ukraine, just to name a few.

With 17 years of experience in bodywork (including therapeutic massage, Reiki, and structural integration), she brings awareness of the connection between mind, body and spirit to all her work. She seeks to combine all of her training and experiences to create a diverse, holistic, and compassionate model of health and wellness. Erin hopes to empower people of all ages to develop positive relationships with their bodies and to express emotion safely through dance and movement.


Erin is committed to developing community through movement
and promoting healing through
the exploration of an individual’s creativity and power.